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Photos by Kellie Coughlin http://www.denver-headshots.com

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why is a Photographer producing an event showcase?”, and THAT is an excellent question!  To find out more, read on….

I am a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Artist, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and Business Owner.  Inspired by many things, I love spicy cocktails, fashion, and Batman.  I also love to collect odd things, and can be known to be extremely persistent and passionate.

I started my photography business about 8 years ago while working in the music business.  When I started working at the Ogden Theater, I was fresh off the road, having toured with bands as a Production Assistant.  From there, I worked for all the big promoters in town at venues such as Red Rocks, The Pepsi Center, Fiddler’s Green, The Fillmore, etc.  I was also the Production Manager for the summer concert seasons at both the Denver Botanic Gardens and Chautauqua up in Boulder.  I made sure that everyone did what they were supposed to on day-of-show – I made it all happen!

I absolutely LOVED doing production, but my soul needed me to come back to being an Artist and that’s when my photography business was born.  Since then I’ve also gotten my Cosmetology license and do all kinds of things like Bridal/Beauty Hair & Makeup for Weddings, Commercials, HD, and Editorials, Body Painting, Special FX Makeup, and even Henna Tattoos!  My friends still implore me to plan events and parties from time to time for them, since I’m the “planner in the family”.

Who knew that working in Music would prime me for the Wedding Industry!?  Even the most high-maintenance client is nothing compared to some of the large personalities I’ve worked for in Music.  I have produced numerous Fashion Shows, Fund-raisers, Gallery/Art Openings, and Stylized Photo Shoots.  It takes a lot to impress me and I have very high standards for everything that involves me or my business.

I am the proud owner.photographer.stylist of Photography by Jewels, and the sky is the limit!

Now having been in the Wedding Industry for 8 years and the event industry for 15, I’ve seen a lot of events.  They’re generally pretty typical and every now and then, one will come along that blows us away.  As Artists who produce and photograph events, we love themes and well thought out & executed ideas!

I have participated in the gamut of shows, from big to small, and of all kinds in between.  They’re all so similar, and to be frank – a little boring.  I’m over it!  There are so many wonderful things you can do with your event, but where is the show to let you know what’s out there and what is possible?

I blame it on a couple things…

  • Bridal shows.  We all go to them (I still go – it’s a great way to keep up on the industry), and we all experience the overwhelming feeling of “where do I start?”.  The problem with that is they’re pretty much ALL THE SAME!
  • Pinterest – hey, I love it just as much as the next gal, but you can’t feel and interact with things on Pinterest.

The Eclectic Wedding & Event Showcase was born out of  a need for a unique and well-produced show, showing clients how to get creative and showing them ideas, along with giving local Event Pros a reason stretch their legs…

Here is an excellent article written recently, published on NBC Today/Style:  Have websites made all weddings look the same?

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